Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Baseball Cards Come to Life!

Hello, welcome to Baseball Cards Come to Life! For several years now, I have been reading some of the other great baseball card blogs, and I finally feel ready to contribute. To give a little background, I began collecting baseball cards in 1986 (age 9). I collected very heavily from then until 1994. I began collecting again in earnest around 2000, and have focused more on filling sets from the era I first collected. However, I am an omnivorous collector, and enjoy any card that comes my way, whether 1986 or 2008. The only boundary I have set is to not actively collect pre-1978 cards, though I do have a few that have found their way in my collection.

I am not an elitist about my cards; the so-called "commons" are just as exciting to me as the "stars", and enjoy the card of someone of someone who h
ad just a cup of coffee in the majors as one of a Hall of Famer. I am a Yankee fan and Cardinal fan, but collect and enjoy cards of all teams, even the Mets and Red Sox.

A few years ago I started trading cards online, which is how I first got involved with baseball card blogs. You can see some of the trades I made with Paul's Random Stuff, Thorzul, and Saints of the Cheap Seats at their blogs. Some other blogs I have traded with or gotten free cards from are BadWax, 88 Topps, Stats on the Back, Cards on Cards, TribeCards, White Sox Cards, Whose Card Is It, and the iconic Baseball Card Blog. Blogs like these and the creators behind them have helped intensify my obsession with baseball cards. I am up for trades any time and need a great many more cards than are on my wantlist.

One thing I like is errors and unusual pictures on cards. Although I collect all cards, I have a special fondness for these. One thing I love about the baseball card blogs is that I am always learning about more wacky pictures on cards that I need, which I then add to my wantlist. Pictures like these are really fun, and most of my future posts are going to concern cards like these.


  1. Welcome to the community! It's about time!! :)

    I use a standalone scanner attached to the computer. That seems to work for most cards. Also, the higher the resolution, the better the quality.

  2. Thanks and welcome to my blog!